Blackwell Creek

Blackwell Creek

Approximate size: 5,183 acres
Old-growth known: 18 acres

This area lies southwest of Suches and occupies part of the same plateau. The clear streams in this area drain the north side of the Blue Ridge Divide, and form the headwaters of the Toccoa River. Canada Creek, designated an “outstanding remarkable stream” in the forest plan, also flows through the area. The unusual combination of remoteness and low stream gradient allows Canada Creek to support beaver wetlands, a rare habitat on Georgia National Forests.

Despite the unusually gentle terrain, the area supports scenic features normally associated with much more rugged topography. West Canada Creek features a beautiful waterfall. The rock outcrops on Little Cedar Mountain provide sweeping views over the rest of the roadless area. Unlike most views in north Georgia, this view contains no towns, houses, or fields, just natural forest-blanketed mountains.

One of the most scenic sections of the Appalachian Trail in Georgia runs through the southern end of the area. Each spring, a profusion of colorful wildflowers bursts forth along the trail including little sweet Betsy trillium and columbine. The trail also runs through a small patch of old-growth oak forest on Phyllis Spur. Only Forest Service Road 42 separates this area from the Long Mountain Georgia Mountain Treasure, and other areas with few or no roads lie just to the west. The area was also studied in RARE II, but was threatened by logging. Public involvement and discoveries of rare plant populations protected most of the area.

Help us protect this 16,000-acre oasis of waterfalls, old-growth, rare species, panoramic views, and world-class trails.


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