Hidden Creek

Hidden Creek

Approximate size: 7,970 acres
Old-growth known: 9 acres

The normally parallel Armuchee Ridges form a giant “X”west of Calhoun. Horn Mountain, Mill Mountain, and Calbeck Mountain converge in tangled mass of twisting ridges. The broadest swath of Forest Service land in the Georgia Ridge and Valley, this area probably offers the best opportunity for solitude in the region. The ridges block sights and sounds from farm land in adjacent valleys. Depending on the direction, the high ridges offer winter views of pastoral farming scenes, Lake Marvin, or forested mountainsides. The camping that the Hidden Creek Recreation Area still receives, despite no longer being maintained, attests to the area’s scenic quality and recreational draw.

The native hardwood and mixed hardwood-pine forests in this area are unusual for the Armuchee Ridges in both their extent and diversity. Many parts of the Armuchee have long series of parallel drainages with the same bedrock that are separated by ridges occupied by non-native loblolly pine plantations. In Hidden Creek, drainages range from dry southwestern aspects to moist northeastern ones, and native forests occur from low streamside areas to high ridges. Pine plantations occur on some, but far from all, of the ridges. Pockets on other ridges support unusual pignut hickory dominated forests with grassy groundcover.

The ridges are also interesting for their history. Civil War rock walls still dot strategic locations. The valley would not have made a good stronghold though. The area’s name comes from the tendency of Dry Creek, which drains the south side of the “X”, to run clear for a few days then disappear.

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